About Princess Hobo

One day, I decided I needed to change my life.

I was going through the motions at an irritating 9-5 job, had no savings and a big chunk of debt. I felt tired all the time and disconnected from life and my family and my friends and from myself.

So naturally, I quit my job up here in chilly Canada and went to California to live in a van for two months!

Sound insane and illogical? It was, but it is funny how, sometimes, the most illogical choice becomes the best solution of all.

I am now in less debt than I have been in years, I smile all the time and spend time doing what feels good and right to meā€¦and I make enough money to eat delicious food and live in a lovely place with the people I love.

Living in a van was the kick in the ass I needed to re-assess my life and reconfigure the whole damn thing.

And I will probably do it again next year!