surfer wave

It’s called Rummaging.

A ridiculous amount of my time is now spent looking for items by rummaging around in the corners of a van.

Every single time I exit the van, I first spend 10 minutes groping around in bags and seat pockets and all nooks and crannies.

And you should add 10 minutes of rummaging per extra person in the van.

Because then you are rummaging past all each other’s stuff and shoving each other out of the way, trying to find your phone, his sunglasses, her clean t-shirt.

It feels comical how much time is spent moving bags, musical equipment, art supplies to and fro…and then back again.

It’s like a choreographed dance from hell.

Plan and schedule with this in mind.

For example, you think you are going in for a quick shower at your friend’s house.

You are so excited!

But now you must assemble your TOWEL (did I leave that in the large black bag or is it now in the laundry bag?) and your SOAP/SHAMPOO (are they in my gym bag? Or did I pull those out and put them in my day bag or are they drying in the seat pocket of the passenger door??).

And that is just the beginning.

Opportunities for showers can be rare and we need to jump fast when they present themselves!!

I try to keep a ‘shower bag’ that is packed and ready to go at any time. Read about my ridiculous ‘Use Some Bags’ system that actually works for me, in terms of keeping my stuff under control and easy to find.

But inevitably, objects from the ‘shower bag’ migrate off to other bags and into dark corners and under seats…

And then the eternal Rummaging continues.

My brain now has a whole section reserved just for trying to memorize where all my clothing, sundries and socks are, at any given moment.

This is where Minimalism is obviously very, very helpful.

(The Princess will discuss How to Pack Minimally And Still Be Happy in another article.)


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