Princess Hobo Likes Her Coffee Strong and Cheap: How to Get a Strong Tasting Coffee on the Road

nasturtiums ocean

The Starbucks are everywhere in LA.

Too bad I don’t dig Starbucks. The Duke and I have tried to get the baristas to make us Americanos that taste good, as in, taste like strong coffee.

But they always taste weak and watery.

The Duke once ordered a quadruple shot Americano. And it tasted like tap water that had some dirt thrown into it.

The Princess was not amused.

Our coffee hack?

If you are stuck at a Starbucks: Always get whichever Dark Roast Drip they are brewing. It always had a strong enough flavour and a big caffeine hit. We usually share a Grande size and I pour some into my travel mug. And there are 50 cent refills!! Drink it, baby!!

My other go-to is a Long Double Shot of Espresso. It is almost always tasty, I just add a lot of milk or cream. If you can get the barista’s attention, get her to add a little, tiny bit of hot water first. Watch them or you will be back to a very watery Americano.

Note that the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf coffee is like crazed gasoline and we just can’t drink it as it makes us twitch and feel very, very anxious all day.

But damn, I do love their roomy bathrooms for a good toothbrushing at the end of the day!


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